Jan. 18th, 2010

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Things with Charlie & I are good right now. Our relationship is progressing the way I have been hoping it would & I am comfortable with the slow pace. We're becoming a bit more intimate in our emotional relationship & are at the point that he pulled out a family album last week that included pictures of his parent's wedding & his baby pictures. Things are still crazy as he & his roommates are still recovering from the holidays & the dynamic has been different. Hopefully we'll go back to the constant communication soon. I miss having him as a daily presence & I miss the nightly routine we used to have with a conversation before bed ending in wishing sweet dreams to each other. Outside of missing that, I am content with our relationship. I've never been in love with someone that I was so sure loved me back & he doesn't even have to say it.

On the financial front, things aren't looking too great. We've been informed that DPS will be commencing with furloughs starting in March. They've decided to furlough every employee four days a month for four months. This is not a good thing at all. I'm going to be losing my rent plus $100. I can't afford to be hit that bad, therefore I've began the ordeal of looking for a part time job to try & make up for what I'm losing. I want something in the line of work I'm already in as it would be the easiest to handle & I have the experience that makes me valuable. Right now it's just a matter of finding an agency that has part time work & then has a position available. If I can't find anything in communications, then I have no idea where to start. Our Policy & Procedure forbids us from working in an establishment where alcohol is the main money maker, so the bar scene is out. I don't know if some of the higher end restaurants would be under that provision or not seeing as they DO serve alcohol... I really would prefer not to work in the food service business however. I hated it so much in the past. I cannot imagine that I would love it now.

I am dreading the next 6 months. I really hope it all turns out to be scare tactics...

On a completely different note (& to close out this entry with something happier), one of my Troopers stopped David Allen Coe on Friday during my shift & I was the one that ran his information. It was pretty awesome actually. He gave me the information & as I was reading it back I was like, "Really? Are you serious?!?!". I had him call in after he cleared the stop & he confirmed to me that it really was him! Freaking awesome! If it wasn't for my crack-like karaoke habit, I'd have never caught on to who that was! XD


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