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Truthfully, things are so-so. I am moving to a new apartment on Tuesday. Hopefully, this landlord will actually heed maintenance requests. My job is going wonderfully. I broke up with Chris the cop because he didn't love me-- I was merely a booty call for him. I decided I deserved something better than that. I did meet Mr. Wonderful, an Airforce man, but he recently broke up with me because he needed to work on his PTSD from Iraq & he said he knew until he worked out his issues, they would ruin any relationship he had. Also, there was a timing issue-- the man is constantly busy with college, & military stuff this year is going to take him away from town for long periods of time-- so that was another reason he gave for ending our romantic relationship. I respect him a great deal for being honest with me & doing what is the right thing, though it hurts so much. I am refusing to let him walk completely out of my life because he is amazing & he makes me laugh like no one has ever made me laugh. We agreed to keep up a friendship & I am confident that after he gets all his ducks in a row, he will be back on my doorstep asking for a date. I just wish that day would come sooner rather than later.

On the negative side, I recently found out one of my friends discovered he is HIV positive. I am trying to be a real friend to him & let him know that this will not deter my friendship with him. I am trying to be a good listening ear, but at the moment he's rather understandably upset, as am I for him.

Things are again confusing & complicated in my life.
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