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Girlfriend, WAT

I have been a girlfriend now for almost a month. It's been so awesome having a boyfriend again. He's so sweet & he's teaching me bits of Nepalese. 

K cha? - How are you (what's up)?
Thik cha. - I'm good. 
Nimro? - You?
Ramro. - Pretty. 
Baccha - Baby, Sweetheart
Ma timilai maya garchu. - I love you. 

It's exciting. I've been making the effort to learn about the culture in his hometown, Kathmandu. Also, I've been trying to become familiar with his religious beliefs -- Hinduism. It's very different from anything I'm familiar with. 

He's beautiful, kind. He has a good heart. He's quite a bit like me. He is a giver. It makes me proud to have met him. Things between us are serious already. I genuinely hope things continue wonderfully. I am very much enjoying the respect that he shows me. 

Speaking of respect, I haven't heard from Chris the cop since our conversation almost a month ago. Typical. He's missed out & fucked up his second chance.  Oh well. I've SO found something better! 


Date: 2010-03-14 05:07 pm (UTC)
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Baby sprite bows, eyes cast gently downward, palms together.

Kindness for the sake of kindness is a fundamental principle of many Hindu traditions. Kindness is not simply a means, but is the end *in and of itself.*

I've respected women all of my life. I might be thought of as a Shakta, one who sees as the universal truth in the form of a female: The Goddess.

Have a long and happy relationship with this man.
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