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Sanju has decided that Grimalkin is his baby. When he & I first started dating, he told me he didn't like either cats or dogs. Now, when he comes over, the minute he comes in the door he makes a beeline to Grimalkin to say hi & when he leaves, he has to hunt him down & tell him goodbye. It's adorable. I tease him that he's really only dating me just to get to my cat. Sekhmet & Zumer are slowly warming up to him as he is to them. Grimalkin, of course, being the people whore that he is, instantly made friends with Sanju due to the constant affection begging. I have to compete at times with Grimalkin for the affection, but in the end I always win out. He still bitches a little bit about the cat fur getting on his clothing, but hey, that's the price you pay for a good relationship with a feline. I think as Sanju's relationship grows with them, he'll come to accept that no outfit is complete without feline fur to adorn it. It's a fact.

So, I told my mother about Sanju. I told her as much about him as I could & that I thought this relationship was going to be going somewhere. It was the best I could do to convey the seriousness without saying that we're engaged since it's not quite "official" yet. She was sick when I called her, but she didn't say anything negative. She expressed a desire to meet Sanju. I'm very happy about that. This is a very good sign. I want her to be happy for me & to like him!

Also, he is going to be telling his parents about me soon. He was supposed to talk to them a couple of days ago, but then when it came time to talk to them, there were too many people around & he didn't get a chance to talk to them. I'm fuzzy as to if it was on his side or their side... Either way, he still is planning on talking to them! I am SO impressed! This means this is SERIOUS, as if I didn't already know, but it's a BIG DEAL in Nepali culture!

I'm so happy! I've never been this happy before! I am sure, SURE, that Sanju is the one! I can't wait to marry him! I'm convinced that we'll be beyond blissfully happy! XD

Ma timilai maya garchu, baccha!

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